Today, much conversation and activity surround the idea of ‘gigging’. The truth is, the reality of gigging has existed since mankind. As a child, members of my own family spoke often of part time J.O.B.s, or ‘gigs’. Anyone from a musical family will readily relate to a gig being the actual job of an artist rather than the ‘thing on the side’… especially a performance artist.

Gigging offers much more than additional income. Gigging often is a way to establish freedom from routine and/or to test the ground for different work, establish expertise or venture into entrepreneurship. In some respects, Gigging may be the perfect job! for the undecided or unfulfilled – or – the first job to add professional experience before hiring into an employer full time.

With all that said, before you take that gig you may thinking about, think about these two things, as well:

1) WHY am I gigging?

If you’re gigging for the money, alone, that’s sufficient enough reason…but it may not be sufficient enough information from which to make the decision. Every gig is not an opportunity. Consider beyond hours needed – Consider location and security. Consider if you’re insured well and if liabilities exist beyond your ability to defend or guarantee yourself. Helping out in a beauty salon or lawn maintenance organization may offer you fun, exercise and income, but are you insured properly, and does your insurer insure you and those you interact with against liability?

2) How fully may I commit?

Gigging may mostly be about your need; however, the need of the employer and/or clients you service must be appreciated, as well. After all, they become your reference and may compliment or disrupt your brand. Social media is powerful, and while most people see through blame tosses or ‘shade’ throwers who seek to smear solid reputations, or to build their own reputations on the backs of others…if you are new in your business or effort, you may not have a solid enough reputation to withstand bad comments. Service everyone with a full commitment to delivery – including fidelity to the length of time and follow throughs necessary.

There are many other considerations you should give before gigging, some of which are more immediate. However, giving attention to these two areas can make the experience one that pays beyond the added income – it can pay for a lifetime in a good reputation and new, improved value offerings!